Tranquility is once again open, with a whole new world!

This is a public, whitelisted Minecraft server with an emphasis on community in a vanilla Minecraft setting. We run a single survival world at “hard” difficulty. The server is running Minecraft (Paper) 1.20.1. We started Tranquility after a favorite server,, stopped operating. We base Tranquility’s general feel and our Code of Conduct on the Serenity server. “Tranquility” made a great name. It has the same meaning as “Serenity”, “T” comes right after “S” alphabetically, and Tranquility Base is the first place humans landed when we left earth — Tranquility is the first place some Serenity players landed when we left that server.

Tranquility is a vanilla-like server. We use plugins to enhance the community aspects of the game, reduce griefing, and remove some minor annoyances from the vanilla experience. Our server uses the following plugins and data packs:

Additionally, we highly recommend that players use the Optifine client mod for best performance.

Code of Conduct

Be excellent to each other, and party on!

Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure

Treat others as you would prefer to be treated. We don’t have time for hateful speech; not sorry. Don’t mess with anyone else’s stuff, whether they’ve protected it or not. Don’t needlessly destroy the environment in common areas. This includes “pillaring up” and leaving your pillars standing all over the map.

Have fun! This server is for everyone’s enjoyment.

I strive to treat all Tranquility players with love, following the example of Jesus Christ. While worshipping God as I do is never required on Tranquility, we do require respect for everyone — God made us all in His image. If you’re interested in my faith, please ask. I would love to share with you!



There is no automated system for whitelisting. Contact StickFig in the Discord for more information. Please read the Code of Conduct before you apply.

Server Status and Statistics

You can see information about Tranquility on several server index websites: